Project Acquisition

LH Global US Project Acquisition Department is responsible for multidimensional projects dealing with equity investment, investor immigration/EB-5 programs, business exhibitions and cultural exchanges. LH Global US is a Global Consulting firm located in Chicago, Illinois. LH Global's headquarters are located in Perth, Australia, with offices around the world in the United Kingdom, China and Malaysia.

LH Global US is partnered with clients in all regions around mainland China, as well as the United States.

We work in collaboration with our clients to create customized solutions to maximize profits and continue their growth and success.

Our Services

  • Real estate investment (hotels, condominiums, office buildings)

  • Local government (senior housing, local farms)

  • Business Incubator office development

  • New emerging markets (specialized restaurant, beverage store and supermarket)

  • Financial investment projects

Contact OUR Consultant

Chloe Chen

Project Consultant