ART-stem ProgRAM

Online Education programs exclusively taught by art and Engineering Grads from the Top universities in the world including Harvard, MIT, Cornell, and Stanford etc.


On July 6TH

Do you want to become a building hero? We are so excited to announce our Minecraft 102 online summer camp is coming on July 6th. In the two-month-long course, kids will learn how to design circuits in Minecraft, understand the basic of Boolean algebra, and know the functions o basic logic gates. This program can help the kids to prepare for top universities like Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and Cornell, which is where BIY teachers come from!

What We Do

  • Teach kids art and technology by designing and building toys, contraptions, websites, computer games, and robots

  • Use a novel and unique project approach and state-of-the-art internet tools to deliver a consistent and enjoyable educational experience

  • Help kids become life-long learners through fun and explorative approach

  • Challenge kids in a fun way increasing engagement and help them grow both socially and intellectually

  • Build skill sets and portfolios that will enhance higher-education and career prospects

New Classes Every week

Ages : 8-13

Class Size: 6-12

Age : 14 -18

Class Size: 3-5

Age : 8 -13

Class size: 6-12

Why US

  • 26 years of 'Build It Yourself' experience focused on teaching children STEM, Problem solving and collaboration

  • 30 different technology and art fused courses to choose from

  • Developed in collaboration with MIT Multimedia lab, which researches the critical building blocks for learning development in children

  • Lessons are engaging, and exciting. Students learn how to creatively approach problems and come up with outside of the box solutions

  • 'Inventor Universe' online platform helps both students and parents view tasks, see upcoming projects and review learning outcomes

  • Our 'Build It Yourself' educational team consists of 10 product developers and 30 teachers all graduated or are graduating from prestigious universities including Harvard, MIT, Cornell, and Stanford etc.

Setting up success for children of the 21ST century


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John Galinato |Creator

After receiving a Master's degree in electrical engineering from Cornell. From 1975 to 1978 John Galinato, was a science teacher at a Montessori school in Cambridge. Between 1978 and 1980 he worked as the manager of General Electric. From 1983- 1993, John Galinato was the president and founder of Computer Aided Communication, until he sold it to 35 MM. In 1994, John created 'Build It Yourself'. He co-developed different types of computer graphics software courses with Professor Mitch Resnick, the inventor of "Lego Brainstorm" and "Scratch", a programing language

Course Consultants

Huan Liu

‘Co-Founder’ of Mujin Robotics

Graduated from MIT with a degree in Electronic engineering and computer science. Joined 'BIY'' in 2005 teaching robotics and programming courses.

David Heckerman

Microsoft Sr. Scientist, PHD Stanford

Gr Studies the important of probability in artificial intelligence, and designs data methods for learning. graphic models.

Fernando Reimers

Life Professor at Harvard School of Education

Leading in development for educational programs that are designed to help children and adolescents develop modern skills needed in the 21st century.

Arthur Ganson

MIT Professor in Mechanical Engineering & Resident Artist

His work has been displayed at the MIT Museum, Harvard Carpenter Center for Visual Arts, Smithsonian in Washington DC and the De Cordoba Museum.


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Learn how to become a Minecraft Master in 12 weeks!!! Use your coding skills to learn how to create your own, buildings, walls, characters etc! With the knowledge of Coding, your possibilities are endless!

Most popular classes

Age: 8 -18 year old

Class Size: 6-12

Level: Young Builder & Advanced Builder

Age : 13 -18 Year Old

Class Size: 6-12

Level: Young Builder & Advanced Builder