The Soap Box Workshop encourages children to think outside the box. Children plan their inventions using sketches and calculations, bringing them to life with found and recycled objects as well as building materials. Over the course of the workshop, participants turn piles of seemingly useless trash into functional machines while learning about construction and design and, more importantly, having fun. Leading up to the race, kids test drive their gravity racers, ensuring the safety and functionality of each invention. At the LH Art-STEM, participants get to race their cars for real as friends, families, and neighbors cheer them on as they race down the street.

The soap box racer STEM Summer Program at Art-STEM in Cambridge, MA, is designed for kids ages 8 to13+. The five-day program gives kids the opportunity to:

  • Construct a Soap Box car

  • Make friends and be part of a racing team

  • Design, build, race, and take home a Soap Box car

  • Participate in a variety of fun, hands-on STEM projects

  • Minecraft theme physical outdoor activities

For more information, please call Bing Hollander, Education Manager, at 508-981-4956

Dates: June 28-July 2

Time: 8:30 am to 3:30 pm

Regular Price:$725

Now: $ 685


You'll partner up with a small crew of fledgling automotive engineers to assemble and tune up a smooth-rolling and quick-swerving chassis. Then you'll repurpose some premium quality junk to soup up your customized ride and draw in the fans.

Young Builders are natural inventors

Using power tools and construction materials may spark apprehension in adults, but through the use of supervision and a commitment to reasonable risks, we help kids to overcome their fears and achieve independence. We foster a sense of responsibility, helping them to gain confidence and become empowered through their autonomy. Through the use of real tools, kids can learn how to tackle real-life problems. The freedom to explore and experiment is key in challenging kids to task risks and explore unorthodox solutions.

Trash is treasure

There is a great potential in trash! By using recycled materials and found objects, we encourage kids to think differently and to consider their environment impact. Not only can we see the amount of trash we create in our day-today lives, but we also learn how to put it to good use by doing something creative and positive. With unconventional materials, kids are required to get creative with their methods of construction, problem-solving every step of the way.

· Parents can support kids by helping them look for materials and brainstorm different ways they could be used. A yogurt cup, after all, can be so much more than a container for a delicious snack!

· Encourage them to look in the recycling bin, just make sure all the objects they select are clean.

· Kids can also get creative by taking apart old electronics with a screwdriver to incorporate cool pieces, whether they function or not.

Teamwork is the key

After being isolated and a long time of studying-at-home, we offer a safe place outside of home and school where children can relate to one another, working together as builders, innovators and artists. Together, our kids create new strategies and experiment with new techniques that they can share with their peers. Collaboration between kids gives them a space where they can work on self-directed projects, receiving advice and criticism from their peers rather than adults.