Advanced​ Builder Program​

Membership includes:

  • Weekly meetings with our development team in our Webcast room for an hour on Saturday's or Sunday's.

  • 30+ hours live webcast per year

  • One week (or more) at 'Build It Yourself' Camp at 269 Pearl Street, Cambridge, MA.

  • The Build-It-Yourself Laboratory is a 15 minute walk from Stratton Center at MIT and a 20 minute walk from Harvard Square.

In this program you will learn:

  • Communication Skills, Graphics, and Powerpoint Presentation Design

  • Problem Solving Skills

  • Website design

  • Programming

  • Mechanical / Robot Design

BIY's Office is in Harvard Square

AGE : 13 -18

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner–Intermediate

PATH: Coding, Creative, Game Dev

PROGRAM : Advanced Builder | Membership

PREREQUISITE: See course description

Skills Exercised

Project Management

  • Discover (Define target audience and goals, define problem, mission and value proposition, Research)

  • Design (Write a functional specification, write a design specification, define tasks and estimate hours)

  • Deploy (Test and edit, Present and use sales skills)

All development projects have a project management wiki and are driven by a project plan

Communication Skills, Graphics, and Power Point Presentation Design

  • Present ideas clearly, concisely, and convincingly

  • Learn how to make graphics

  • Measure successful PowerPoint presentations

  • Learn pixel vs vector drawing tools. (GIMP for pixel images and PowerPoint for vector drawings)

  • Create animated gifs

  • Master animation techniques

  • Create 3D graphics using Blender

Problem Solving Skills

  • Define the problem and the goals

  • Learn how to do research

  • Teamwork skills

  • Learn how to dissect problems

Website Design

  • Measure attributes of successful websites

  • Learn internet infrastructure and terminology

  • Design information architecture and intuitive navigation

  • Develop client-side and server-side code

  • Use CSS Style sheets

  • Build database driven websites

  • Set up servers

  • Understand search engine optimization

  • Follow professional file management guidelines


  • Develop Scratch, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Java, Python programs

  • Storyboard a user interface

  • Design databases

  • Learn coding optimization

  • Modularize code

  • Learn computer hardware and software architecture

  • Use GitHub to manage code revisions

Mechanical / Robot Design

  • Measure the pros and cons of a variety of construction systems

  • Exercise modular construction

  • Build sensors

  • Build motion modules

  • Build structural modules

  • Program microcontrollers

  • Learn basic circuit design