Computer graphics & animation

Your mission

Boring people have taken over the planet, and they are in need of your help to make the world fun again! Design a funny cartoon story to help the boring people that have taken over the galaxy learn how to laugh again!

Course description

Research the history of animated cartoons shows and movies. Show off your knowledge in technology, while displaying your fun and creative side! Build a fun cartoon by learning with 'Scratch', the basics of Powerpoint, basic graphic design, modular construction and by tapping into your creative art skills! Add sound effects and music to really let your cartoon story come to life!

Skills You will learn

  • Powerpoint graphics

  • How to program animations in Scratch

  • Proper naming conventions

  • How to be a great Storyteller

  • Exercise research skills

  • Learn modular construction

  • Break solution into simple modules

  • Computer graphics Programming

  • Learn how to present information to a group