Emoji maker

Your mission

Aliens landed on earth, and took over humans ability to communicate with one another through speaking! Humans now must find another way to form together and fight back against the aliens! Your mission is to find a way to communicate complex throughts and feelings using emojis!

Course description

It is easy to have misunderstandings when we explain complex ideas behind a screen. Using creative thinking and problem solving tricks, learn how to make animated pictures to represent your complex ideas, opinions and your creative side. Using Powerpoint and specialized emoji software you will learn how to create cartoon drawings and animated gifs to design your own emojis!

Project outline:

  • Study project guidelines

  • Set up Powerpoint lab book

  • Document project and mission

  • Problem solving strategies

  • Present ideas

  • Document emoji measure of success

  • Create your own emoji with help from instructor

  • Design theme for emoji

  • Learn how to upload your emojis to you phone to use in your favorite apps!

Skills You will learn

  • How to use animation

  • How to use Powerpoint

  • How to be a problem solver

  • How to use animation software

  • How to use creativity to express ideas

  • How to create your own cartoon emoji art