Flying machines

Your mission:

Traveling by airplane has become too expensive and time consuming. We are calling on you to build and design a next-generation, awesome looking flying machine that could get you to school in 1 minute!!!

Course Description

Research the mistakes of past flying machine inventors, such as Da Vinci, and find some inspiring examples to make your own flying machine! Use the physics of aerodynamics to make gravity-defying paper airplanes, gliders, air-powered rockets, and space ships of the future.

Project Goal

  • Engage kids in the creative building.​

  • Learn the physics of flying.​

  • Draw a time-line of man-made flight. ​

  • Research flying machines by Leonardo.​

  • Why do planes fly and boats don’t? ​

  • Exercise problem-solving skills.​

  • Learn PowerPoint basics.​

  • Exercise presentation skills​

Skills You will learn

  • How to build rockets

  • How to communicate visual ideas

  • How to create paper gliders, airplanes etc

  • How to use creativity to express yourself

  • How the laws of physics work