Minecraft Software Maker

We offer 4 levels of courses for the Ultimate Minecraft experience

Minecraft 101: Structures and Design

Your Mission

The universe is starting a new civilization and needs your help! You have been assigned to build an exotic laboratory full of cool contraptions. Your creations will include beautiful fountains, gardens and amazing buildings and structures.

Course description

In this beginners level course, builders will be able to exercise their creativity in ways not possible before. They will learn how to build complex machines, designing logic systems, and create imaginative structures in this 3D virtual world. Inventors will experience the thrill of building in a fun, artistic environment.

Skills you will Learn

  • How to build and design structures

  • Learn modular construction

  • How to work together work as a team

  • How to code

Minecraft 102: RedStone Engineering

Your Mission

Evil doers want to keep the world in darkness! We need your expertise to build secret doors, traps and a defense system to stop them!

Course description:

In the second level Intermediate course, Builders incorporate Redstone logic elements of Boolean algebra. This course is for Minecraft builders who have created at least 3 Minecraft projects.

Skills you will Learn

  • Digital logic design- through Redstone

  • Strategic thinking

  • Modular Construction

  • How to work together as a team

Minecraft 103: ADVanced RedStone Engineering

Your Mission:

The citizens are losing hope because of their constant boredom. They are calling on you to come up with playful and creative ways to build cool machines like, music makers, time machines, fireworks and fun games!

Course description

In the third level Advanced Redstone Engineering; You will learn Boolean algebra, and project management skills, along with presenting complex ideas. You will study how electrical engineers use logic gates, flip-flops, delay circuits and oscillators. You will prototype clocks, logic circuits, counters, decoders and output displays

Skills you will Learn

  • Digital logic design, strategic thinking, modular construction, Java programming

  • How to set up a Minecraft server, outside the box thinking

Minecraft 104: Create your own minecraft!

Your Mission:

The universe is calling on you to develop and create a whole new universe using scientific skills and philosophical perspective to create a new and improved Minecraft world

Course description:

In the fourth level class, you will learn how to design and invent new Minecraft materials and characters in a modified Minecraft server. You will get to play 'Master of the Universe' by creating the entire world around you

Skills you will Learn :

Computer client- server architecture, present complex ideas, use teamwork, strategic thinking, modular construction