Nature Machines

Your mission

Humans have destroyed large amounts of the planet. We must come up with more natural remedies or the earth will wipe us out! You've been tasked to learn from the way animals and plants operate to help save our planet

Course Description

Use the resources and recycled materials around you to build an environment where nature, art and technology can live in harmony.

In the Build-It-Yourself Jungle Garden we will pretend to be:

  • bees building a honey comb to store food

  • birds building a nest home

  • ants digging a tunnel

  • plants growing a structure that will not bend or break in the wind

Skills You will Learn

  • How to use recycled materials and resources

  • How to be a nature engineer

  • How to build modular constructs

  • How to use Powerpoint to showcase your ideas

  • How nature and engineering connect

  • How to turn everyday items into works of art