Scratch Computer Game Program

Course Description

Convince your parents that you are learning valuable skills by playing computer games. Create a lab book and write a story outline to start building your own game! Create your own rocket, character, background and animated frame for your game.

Project Center

Rocket Works Game

Scratch Code Resource

There once lived many very happy Penguins

Your mission

Parents all over the world are restricting your time playing video games and socializing on the computer and phones. Kids of the world are calling on you to show parents the benefits of using computers and technology! You must use your computer skills to convince parents of the world that you need computer and technology to be a player in tomorrow's high-tech world.

Game Center

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4 components of a good game

Skills You will learn

  • How to create and incorporate the four components of a good game, game story, graphics, sound effects, and game logic

  • Learn how to animate

  • How to use Powerpoint

  • How to navigate Scratch programming

  • How to connect interfaces

  • How to use game logic

  • How to be a problem solver

  • How to tell stories