Chain Reaction machines

Course Description

Create a contraption that will deliver candy using a combination of simple machines, such as levers, Inclined plane, wheel + axle, Wedge, Pulley and screw.

Your mission

There are a ton of big messes that the next generation of builders must fix. Wicked wars, dasterdly diseases, evolution of pollution, economic melt-downs and not enough candy. It will take great teamwork to fix these messes. They are counting on you to create a Chain Reaction Contraption that demonstrates teamwork to do something really important.

Chain Reaction Contraptions.pdf

Skills You will learn

  • How to use recycled materials

  • How to use Powerpoint to express your ideas

  • how to communicate visual ideas

  • how to test and connect modules

  • how to use creativity to express yourself

  • how to be a master designer

  • How to work with a team

Student Project