Elite Builder Program​

What is Elite Program?

The Elite Program is designed for students who are smart, skillful in programming, and would like to learn more with a team. Students are going to work with another 3-4 team members together to explore skills like Website Design, Computer Programming, Business Development, Project Management skills etc. Students will be working with our development team of art and engineering students from MIT, Cornell, Mass Art and other well-known universities.

We're looking for a few advanced builders ages 13 - 18 who have demonstrated a passion for art, computers and technology to join our Elite Builder Program!

LH Art-STEM class is located between Harvard and MIT


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Benefit includes:

  • During the school year, developers and interns meet in our Webcast room for one hour , 30+ webcast hours per year

  • Work on commercial-grade projects

  • Learn college-level, advanced tools

  • Receive school recommendations

  • Mentor members

  • Receive invitations to present projects at conferences around the world.

  • During the summer or over vacation periods, interns are invited to spend 30+ hours with our developers at our ‘lab’ in Cambridge (between Harvard and MIT) or online

AGE : 13 -18

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner–Intermediate

PATH: Coding, Creative, Game Dev

PROGRAM : Advanced Builder | Membership

PREREQUISITE: See course description

Many LH Art-STEM Advanced Builders Have Gone To The Schools of Their Choice

Present Advanced Builders

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you will learn

  1. Communication Skills, Graphics, and Powerpoint Presentation Design

  2. Problem Solving Skills

  3. Website design

  4. Programming

  5. Mechanical / Robot Design


Develop the skills and portfolio of projects that will put you in a position to:

  1. Get into schools of your choice.

  2. Teach Build-It-Yourself workshops when in college.

  3. Join the Build-It-Yourself development team when in college.

How to build the Blender 3D?

Skills Exercised

Project Management

  • Discover (Define target audience and goals, define problem, mission and value proposition, Research)

  • Design (Write a functional specification, write a design specification, define tasks and estimate hours)

  • Deploy (Test and edit, Present and use sales skills)

All development projects have a project management wiki and are driven by a project plan

Communication Skills, Graphics, and Power Point Presentation Design

  • Present ideas clearly, concisely, and convincingly

  • Learn how to make graphics

  • Measure successful PowerPoint presentations

  • Learn pixel vs vector drawing tools. (GIMP for pixel images and PowerPoint for vector drawings)

  • Create animated gifs

  • Master animation techniques

  • Create 3D graphics using Blender

Problem Solving Skills

  • Define the problem and the goals

  • Learn how to do research

  • Teamwork skills

  • Learn how to dissect problems

Website Design

  • Measure attributes of successful websites

  • Learn internet infrastructure and terminology

  • Design information architecture and intuitive navigation

  • Develop client-side and server-side code

  • Use CSS Style sheets

  • Build database driven websites

  • Set up servers

  • Understand search engine optimization

  • Follow professional file management guidelines


  • Develop Scratch, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Java, Python programs

  • Storyboard a user interface

  • Design databases

  • Learn coding optimization

  • Modularize code

  • Learn computer hardware and software architecture

  • Use GitHub to manage code revisions

Mechanical / Robot Design

  • Measure the pros and cons of a variety of construction systems

  • Exercise modular construction

  • Build sensors

  • Build motion modules

  • Build structural modules

  • Program microcontrollers

  • Learn basic circuit design