John Galinato

John Galinato is the founder and chief engineer at Build-It-Yourself in Cambridge, MA. After receiving a Master's degree in electrical engineering from Cornell, John worked on engineering teams to develop a submarine detection system, the lunar landing module, telemetry for a Venus fly-by, the Patriot missile system, computer graphics software and Web applications. John was an science teacher at Cambridge Montessori School from 1975 to 1978. He worked with Bolt, Beranek & Newman to introduce computers in education. Between 1978 to 1980,

John was the manager of Genigraphics Boston/General Elctric. He was the Co-founder/Product Manager of Autographoix Inc. During that position, he achieved sales climbed to over $15 million. He was responsible for product development. Between 1983 to 1993, John was the president and founder of Computer Aided Communications, Inc. He completed sold exclusive rights to 35 mm Express software after 2 years of development. Based on the former experiences in science and education, in the year of 1994, John founded the Build-It-Yourself organization (BIY).

Lunar Excursion Module

Worked at Grumman Aircraft Company in the LEM Microelectronics Lab as a summer intern.  It was a lab that had all the 'Right Stuff.'

SAM D Missile System:

Built the radar display system logic at Raytheon.  First job out of school.  This missile system was a big bad boy toy.

Submarine Detection System

This mean machine can be quite difficult to track.  We built a helicopter-borne system that measured the ionization of water droplets above a submarine.

Electronic Game Board System

An automated electronic system for the remote communication and display of chess or other board game moves in real time via a voice-grade telephone line. (US Patent 3654392 )