Minecraft CODING

AdvanceD Minecraft Class Schedule

AdvanceD Minecraft, You will

  1. Study the functionality of World servers, Parkour server, Hypixel Server.

  2. Learn how client hardware and software interact with server hardware and software, and how to modify server software to enable new client functionality.

  3. Learn the difference between mods and plug-ins.

  4. How the client and server work together to display a great deal of information quickly.

  5. Learn what factors can cause lag.

Unforgettable Moment in our real class!

Student project

firework in Minecraft world on July 4th, 2020

On the first date of Minecraft 101, students have a big happy smile

Use a decoder to drive the output device

Cool parkour map build by student-Baron

Student create a wave machine using block during class

Student use inputs and outputs devices to trigger the oscillator

Minecraft 101: Structures and Design

Course description

Minecraft, one of the most popular computer video games ever, enables builders to exercise their creativity in ways not possible before. Building imaginative structures, inventing elaborate machines, and designing logic systems, are enabled in this 3D virtual world. Inventors will experience the thrill of building in a fun, artistic environment.

  • How to build and design structures

  • Learn modular construction

  • How to work together work as a team

Minecraft 102: RedStone Engineering and coding

Course Description

The Minecraft Redstone Engineering program focuses on basic principles of electrical engineering including power transmission, oscillators and logic elements. This workshop is designed for intermediate Minecraft builders who have a Minecraft account and have created at least 3 Minecraft projects.

  • Created at least 3 Minecraft projects

  • Entry Level Minecraft Coding language

  • Minecraft Redstone Engineer Certification

Minecraft 103: ADVanced RedStone Engineering and coding

Course description

Are you ready to take Minecraft to the next level?

You will study how electrical engineers use logic gates, flip- flops, delay circuits, and oscillators. Then you will be tasked with prototyping clocks, logic circuits, counters, decoders, and output displays in Minecraft world.

  • Boolean algebra

  • Middle - High Level Minecraft Coding language

  • Practice rigorous project management techniques

  • Present complex ideas clearly and concisely

Minecraft 104: Create your own Minecraft World

Course description

We will invent a new Minecraft world order full of your own characters and special powers. We will explore how a new world can be created by setting up and managing a Minecraft server.

  • Advance Level Minecraft Coding language

  • Create your own Minecraft world

  • Setting up and managing a Minecraft server