Robots That Earn MONEY

Course Description

Capitalists always say: "Too many lazy no-gooders are looking for free rides. Not enough people are building." Sociologists say: "There are too many greedy, scurrilous scoundrels and vile villains."

At this time, you, as the programming hero scientist of Art-STEM, experienced the baptism of the last round of artificial intelligence, and you have mastered the Scratch programming language. Do you want to turn the 2D robots in your computer into your life and become 3D robots to help you? Do you want to make your favorite robots and use computer programming to realize real artificial intelligence?

Your mission is TO:

  • Think outside the box. Be creative. Have fun. Exercise problem-solving skills.

  • Learn PowerPoint basics.

  • Exercise presentation skills.

  • Practice modular construction.

  • Exercise the art of selling

  • Employ art principles in project presentations Debate the pros and cons of technical solutions to a social problem.

  • Build a robot that earns money!

  • Prerequisite: None

Robots that Earn Money Lesson Plan.pdf