TIme Machine Robots

Course Description

By incorporating interesting engineering and computer science concepts, your alarm clock could wake you up by tickling you, telling you a joke, or maybe even squirting you with water! Using computer programming and electro-mechanical engineering, you can create an alarm clock that wakes you up the way you want to be woken up!

Your mission

Its been very rough getting out of bed in the morning, disrupting your dreams and putting you in a foul mood for the rest of the day. You are asked to come up with an alarm clock that wakes you up with a smile on your face!

Time Machine Lesson Plan.pdf

Time machine from a BIY student

Project plan

  1. Research time machines

  2. Describe your solution

  3. Draw animated cartoons for your machine

  4. Record jokes, quotes, and music

  5. Write a program to control your time machine

  6. Build mechanical wake-up mechanisms

  7. Integrate Arduino

  8. Attach light sensors

  9. Present your wonderful creation to the world!

Skills You will learn

  • Researching method

  • Learn how to use animation to create animated cartoons

  • How to write a program to control your machine

  • How to integrate Arduino, how to attach light sensors

  • How to connect interface, use presentation skills