We offer 2 levels of website design to help your ideas become reality


Your mission

Aliens have reached earth and are scanning for intelligent life, if they find a civilization of 'dummies' they will blow it to smithereens! The universe needs you to prove the intelligence of humans, and trade ideas, musics and computer games with aliens.

Course description

Show off your knowledge in technology while displaying your fun and creative side! Build a website by learning the basics of Powerpoint, basic graphic design, modular construction and tapping into your creative art skills!

Skills You will learn

  1. Powerpoint graphics

  2. Exercise research skills

  3. Learn modular construction

  4. Exercise the art of selling

  5. Debate the pros and cons of technical solutions to a social problem

  6. Learn how to present information to a group

Student Project from Webdesign 101

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Hot Shot Web Designer, Valeria:

(12 years old)


Your mission

The aliens that were scanning the universe for signs of intelligent life have found our websites and made contact!

They have decided we are advanced enough to spare us, but in exchange, they want to trade code with us! We fear our coding techniques will not impress the aliens. We need you to develop an advanced code to save us from Alien take over!

Course Description

Use your knowledge from Website designing 101 to expand and build your website skills! Design more animated graphics, and develop advanced code to prove you are worthy of trading with advanced life forms!

Skills You will learn

  • Learn Advanced coding

  • Powerpoint graphics

  • Exercise research skill

  • Learn modular construction

  • How to site map

  • Learn about Javascript


  • How to edit content

  • How to present information

Student Project from Webdesign 102

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Advanced Web Designer, Yin Liu