Young BuilderS Program

Young Builders Program membership


  • 40 hours of teaching via live webcast​​

  • 5 separate courses, each 8 weeks

  • Access to Build-It-Blocks, our library of functional building blocks, plus an online account on the 'Invention Universe', where members of students and parents can track progress and display their portfolio of projects

AGE : 8 -13

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner–Advanced

Class Size: 6-12 students

PROGRAM : Young Builder | Membership

PREREQUISITE: See course description

PATH: Coding, Creative, Game Dev

In this program, you will learn

  • Communication Skills, Graphics, and PowerPoint Presentation Design

  • Problem Solving Skills

  • Website design

  • Computer Programming

  • Mechanical / Robot Design

Skills Exercised

Communication Skills, Graphics, and Power Point Presentation Design

  • Learn how to present ideas clearly and concisely

  • Understand how to create animated graphics

  • Measure successful PowerPoint presentations

  • Learn pixel vs vector drawing tools. (GIMP for pixel images and PowerPoint for vector drawings)

  • Create animated gifs

  • Master animation techniques

  • Create 3D graphics using Blender

Problem Solving Skills

  • Define the problem and learn the skills to reach a solution

  • Work with a team

  • Break down problem step-by-step

  • Document

Website design

  • Measure attributes of successful websites

  • Learn internet infrastructure and terminology

  • Design information architecture and efficient, intuitive navigation

  • Follow file management guidelines


  • Storyboard user interface

  • Exercise 5 program primitives

  • Modularize code

  • Learn computer hardware and software architecture

Mechanical / Robot Design

  • Exercise modular construction

  • Build motion modules

  • Build structural modules

  • Program microcontrollers

  • Learn basic circuit design