Young BuilderS Program

Young Builders Program membership includes:

  • 40 hours of teaching via live webcast​​

  • 5 seperate courses, each 8 weeks

  • Access to Build-It-Blocks, our library of functional building blocks, plus an online account on the 'Invention Universe', where members of students and parents can track progress and display their portfolio of projects

In this program, you will learn:

  • Communication Skills, Graphics, and PowerPoint Presentation Design

  • Problem Solving Skills

  • Website design

  • Computer Programming

  • Mechanical / Robot Design

AGE : 8 -13

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner–Advanced

Class Size: 6-12 students

PROGRAM : Young Builder | Membership

PREREQUISITE: See course description

PATH: Coding, Creative, Game Dev

Skills Exercised

Communication Skills, Graphics, and Power Point Presentation Design

  • Learn how to present ideas clearly and concisely

  • Understand how to create animated graphics

  • Measure successful PowerPoint presentations

  • Learn pixel vs vector drawing tools. (GIMP for pixel images and PowerPoint for vector drawings)

  • Create animated gifs

  • Master animation techniques

  • Create 3D graphics using Blender

Problem Solving Skills

  • Define the problem and learn the skills to reach a solution

  • Work with a team

  • Break down problem step-by-step

  • Document

Website design

  • Measure attributes of successful websites

  • Learn internet infrastructure and terminology

  • Design information architecture and efficient, intuitive navigation

  • Follow file management guidelines


  • Storyboard user interface

  • Exercise 5 program primitives

  • Modularize code

  • Learn computer hardware and software architecture

Mechanical / Robot Design

  • Exercise modular construction

  • Build motion modules

  • Build structural modules

  • Program microcontrollers

  • Learn basic circuit design