Catapult machines

Course Description

Build a Catapult machine represents how important teamwork really is! At the end of the chain reaction, the contraption must display a joke, make music, squirt water, throw candy or do something really important. Use your creativity and learn the necessary steps you need to learn how to work together as a team

Your mission

The world is in trouble. We have lost our ability to work together productively as a team! It is up to you to make a machine that proves teamwork is critical to solve problems before the evil doers ban team work forever!

Catapult Engineering Lesson Plan.pdf

Skills You will learn

  • How to use recycled materials

  • How to build modules

  • How to connect modules and test them

  • How simple machines can work together as a team

  • How to make a catapult from cardboard, straws, coffee stirrer sticks and rubber bands

  • How to design a catapult trigger

Warm-up Task! Build-it-yourself

Download and follow the basic catapult instruction. See if you can get your catapult to throw a piece of candy into your friend’s mouth! You can also use the Air Heads Build-It-Block to make a

more stationary target.