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SHUO中文 (Easy Zhongwen) is an online Chinese learning platform created by top universities such as Tsinghua University, Beijing Normal University, and Columbia University. Our goal is to promote Chinese culture through the education of the Chinese language.


Our Teacher

With a talent pool of over 60 teachers to choose from Graduates from the Top 100 language universities in China, our teachers have the depth of Chinese language proficiency and teaching and the warmth to relate to your child’s learning needs.


Liaoning Normal University

Miss Yang

Beijing Language and Culture University


Central University for Nationalities

Miss LI

Beijing Normal University

Qualities of our SHUO中文 Teachers

Our teachers are professionally qualified with a passion for engaging Chinese language learners. Thus, each student will receive the personalized experience and motivation they need to improve in Chinese and master the language successfully.

Validated Chinese Proficiency

Certified and Experienced Teachers

Degree holder and Chinese-certified


Chinese Program

4 to 1 Student Service Crew

Start Mondrian Journey from Here

Start the mandarin journey from your first Trial Class. Chinese learning with SHUO中文 is personalized, efficient, and effective. We also believe students and parent themselves best experience this through a trial class!

  1. Assessment & planning

Post your trial class sign-up, our Course Consultant will get in touch to enquire about your child’s existing Chinese proficiency and goals, and your expectations as a parent.

  1. Attend the trial class

A trial class will be booked based on your availability with guidance on IT-set up prior to the class.

  1. Completed the trial?

Post-trial, our Teacher and Course Consultants will share a report with insights on your child’s strengths and areas to work on Here’s where you may decide if SHUO中文 is the right choice. Remember that up to this point, there is no payment made yet!

  1. Continue with SHUO中文?

Congratulations! you will officially start your SHUO中文 journey! Here’s when payment is made. A service crew comprising of Course Consultant, Teacher, Learning Advisor, and Tech Support will be dedicated to you to support you. This includes arranging classes, sharing timetables and progress reports, and any further timely support that you may require.

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